Source code for pythreejs.core.Geometry

from ipywidgets import register
from .Geometry_autogen import Geometry as AutogenGeometry
from .._base.Three import ThreeWidget

[docs]@register class Geometry(AutogenGeometry):
[docs] @classmethod def from_geometry(cls, geometry, store_ref=False): """Creates a PlainGeometry of another geometry. store_ref determines if the reference is stored after initalization. If it is, it will be used for future embedding. NOTE: The PlainGeometry will copy the arrays from the source geometry. To avoid this, use PlainBufferGeometry. """ return cls(_ref_geometry=geometry, _store_ref=store_ref)
def _repr_keys(self): return filter(_make_key_filter(self._store_ref), super(Geometry, self)._repr_keys())
_non_gen_keys = tuple(ThreeWidget.class_trait_names()) def _make_key_filter(use_ref): def key_filter(key): return ( key in _non_gen_keys or (use_ref and key == '_ref_geometry') or (not use_ref and key != '_ref_geometry') )